What does every Island Girl want? Well, besides a boat, a beautiful day and the briny blue, she needs to be able to bring her love of the sand and surf back to her landlocked sanctuary. If you’re an island girl at heart, or simply enjoy ocean colors and design, you can easily fill your beach house, city apartment or country cabin with the perfect coastal decor and home accents - all found right here at Island Girl Home! Even when you aren’t able to get out and enjoy the sun and surf, you can still be surrounded by all the nautical styles and accents that make you happy. So come on in and browse around… we aim to please with our unique selections and affordable prices. From fun-in-the-sun floor mats to the picture perfect pillows, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

There are islands all over the world. The United States alone has thousands of beautiful isles that stretch from Alaska to Hawaii to the Florida Keys. Take a moment to appreciate our U.S. island life, dream on about the multitude of tiny islets sprinkling the globe, and then sink into your idea of what Island Girl means to you. Are you the pineapple paradise lover or do you prefer a the calm hues of nautilus ocean life? Do you want to swim with the nimble mermaids or enjoy cooling down with a contemporary coastal abstract? Regardless of the look and feel you want for your favorite spaces, we’ll have pieces that catch your eye and highlight your sense of style. You will love your new ocean themed decor and your friends will be talking about the latest amazing centerpiece or accent you found at Island Girl Home.

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